Some questions for FIFA 16

  • I've only played FUT for the past 2 years and never really tried CM as a manager. So far I'm enjoying it playing as Swansea.

    During the initial Transfer Window, I took a few tips from threads in this sub and picked up Schar, Goretzka, Wickham, and Azogue.

    In order to sign them I sold Ki, Britton, and Oliveira (for a couple 100k over their value). This is my current starting line-up + Subs So my questions are:
    Do you guys play every match? I have so far, while playing on World Class difficulty and I'm winning every match (I can't beat legendary no matter against what club). And I feel like the season will take too long. How many matches per season do you guys usually play on average?

    Regarding my youth players, and the players I bought through the recommendation on this sub. When should fut16coin play them? How often do I play them? Replacing my starters at this point would be weird since my starters still have better stats than the potentially good players for the club. Some of the 50-60 rated youth players I put out on loan, but not sure how to rotate my current squad now since they're doing so well and I've only subbed on those aforementioned players.

    This is because when simming a game whether you're home or away makes a huge difference as the the result. The home team almost always wins, so if you're playing someone like Sunderland at home you should sim it and you'll win 9/10 times, but if you're away play it because there's a 50/50 chance you'll lose.

    Also, regarding Youth Players, if you get to the last few minutes of a game and still have a couple of subs left, always sub on the players you want to grow as they'll get an appearance so they'll grow more - it doesn't matter how long they actually play for.

    Also, one tip on Career Mode is to ignore the overalls in general. If a player is 80 overall but a 70 ovr is playing better than him, always play the 70 ovr as you'll do better in the long run, and you can always sell the 800k Fifa coins for quite a bit. Also, try to rotate players by using the team sheet feature, and play your reserve team whenever you have an cup tie you'll win easily. Don't try simming games with your reserve team though as they can sometimes lose when they shouldn't.